The Kamishibai Classroom, Engaging Multiple Literacies Through the Art of "Paper Theater"
by Tara McGowan

The Kamishibai Classroom, Engaging Multiple Literacies Through the Art of

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Tara McGowan's book, The Kamishibai Classroom: Engaging Multiple Literacies Through the Art of "Paper Theater" has just been published.

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This cutting edge book introduces innovative ideas for using kamishibai story creation and performance as a teaching tool for students from pre-k through eighth grade.

Tara has done extensive hands-on work with children of all ages in varied venues, from public school classrooms to community centers. The interactive workshops that she outlines in the book are an ideal way to get students involved in the fun and learning that occur when they create and perform original kamishibai stories.

The Kamishibai Classroom is elaborately illustrated. Also, it provides step-by-step instructions for implementing kamishibai workshops in the classroom and integrating them into interactive performances.


  • Offers educators a concrete, hands-on approach for developing narratives through multiple literacies in a way that will appeal to even the most reluctant learners
  • Shows how kamishibai provides a unique bridge to the reading and writing process, while also building confidence and a sense of community through interactive performance before a live audience
  • Offers a pictorial history of kamishibai and how it evolved from various etoki (picture-storytelling) traditions in Japan
  • Provides an appendix with instructions for how to make kamishibai stages from readily available, recycled materials

Tara M. McGowan is a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania in the Language and Literacy Division of the Graduate School of Education. Visit Tara online @




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